Riding instructor - Wikipedia Most Equestrian facilities require instructors to have insurance coverage before they start working at their properties. You may also wish to continue with your learning and complete an equine-related degree. Fellow of the BHS Founded in 1947, the British Horse Society (BHS) has more than 100 000 members in the United Kingdom. Levels 1 and 2 provide certification on the principles of centered riding within individual disciplines. Please check this page again soon for further details. The Advanced certification requires a written exam, lunge line demonstration, a ridden exam, and a practical lesson. To work with people with disabilities, you need a Riding for the Disabled Association Instructors Certificate. We are proudly servicing the following Northern Virginia locations: https://aadrivingacademy.net/virginia-driving-school-schedule.html, Teen Licensing Full Package Program (Steps 1 & 2), Providing behind-the-wheel (on the road) driver training to students of all ages (Teens and Adults), Communicate effectively with office and students (via phone, texting, or email) to set up appointments (create your own flexible schedule), Accurately complete detailed paperwork and good record-keeping, maintain files, Give road tests, assess driving, and issue licenses, Work independently with VERY little supervision, Come into the main office (Herndon, VA) once a week for paperwork, supplies, and meetings, Certified by Virginia DMV as a Driving Instructor (preferred), MUST be able to pass National FBI background check annually, MUST have valid Drivers License, good driving record, and reliabletransportation, MUST be fluent in English; bilingual in another language a plus, Minimum of 10+ years of driving experience and good driving record, Minimum of Associates Degree (required) and Bachelors Degree (preferred), Background in Traffic Safety, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, or Education, STRONG attention to detail with emphasis on accurate paperwork, good recordkeeping, STRONG organizational skills and EXCELLENT communicator, Quick learner, hardworking, positive attitude, team player, professional, Ability to prioritize work and manage time well to meet deadlines, Ability to work independently with VERY little supervision, Female candidates HIGHLY encouraged to apply, Very beneficial pay as we provide the work/classes/students. Professional Riding Instructor Certification - Equine Studies Institute A riding instructor plans organizes and conducts riding practice sessions and sports instruction riding sessions for individual riders or groups. A riding instructor should know how to provide first aid to horses as well as riders. Your education is an investment, paying dividends year after year in increased income and career security. As with working with horses, working with people come with another set of challenges. Registered, Advanced, and Master levels are offered for therapeutic instructors. Alternatively you can call us on 02476 840508. You could become a senior head instructor or competition judge at a riding school or even work abroad. Well established (since 1994), multi-location, full-service driving school in Northern Virginia, is looking to continue growing by hiring a Driving School Instructor (PT or FT) for Behind-the-Wheel (on the road) training. Your academic credentials prove to employers you have greater knowledge, mastering horse care, housing, health, nutrition, supervising employees and earning the respect of the stables customers. Horseback Riding Program Resources/Instructor Certifications BHS Accredited Professionals are often freelance coaches that can support you with training on your own horse. To date, our driving school is responsible for training, licensing, and improving the driving of 80,000 student drivers that have graduated from ouracademy. I specialise in young and problem horses, working the rider through confidence issues to achieve the best horse and rider combination. Some of our instructors are active and retired police officers with numerous years of extensive training and experience in traffic law enforcement, emergency driving methods, collision investigation, and traffic court proceedings. The most rewarding part of the job is working with horses. Learn English Horse Riding for Beginners | Udemy Riding Instructor Examination Minimum Requirements Entry to Level 1 by apprenticeship or exam. teaching people who want to ride as a hobby, helping experienced riders to prepare for competitions, spotting and helping riders to correct problems, Intermediate Instructor Certificate (BHSII), as a fee-paying student at a riding school (fees tend to be high). For the Masters certification, the instructor needs to hold Advanced certification already and have four years of experience at a PATH center. This way we have more control over sanitation. Hi, and welcome to Online Horse College! The BHS Fellowship is the ultimate aspiration for any coach and is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world. top of page. Apprenticeship vacancies may be advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service website. Enroll now and start working toward your Professional Certification as a Horse Trainer, Stable Manager or Riding Instructor. ", Professional Stable Manager Certification, "Wear jeans to work everyday! If you have any questions, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Horse riding instructor | Explore careers | National Careers Service You will be assigned an instructor, who will call you SOON to discuss scheduling. *For any walk in registrants, we will keep you on standby or refuse registration (if we are at capacity). BHS Approved Centres can offer variety by allowing you to work with different types of horses, facilities and equipment. If we all do our part together, then this too shallpass. As a certified horse-riding instructor, you would be able to find employment at a riding school, private stables, agricultural or Equine college. Lets look at all the ways you can get into this remarkable horse-riding career. Youve accepted all cookies. National Council for Therapeutic Recreation. Love horses? The BHS recommends practical hands-on training with an Accredited Professionalor at one of our Approved Centresif you are training towards BHS qualifications or Challenge Awards.. You can arrange your own training alongside attending courses or events listed below. Must have good people skills and enjoy interacting, helping/guiding others while remaining patient and professional. Top trainers can easily earn up to $41 000 per year. You are a skilled horse rider passionate about horses, loves to teach, and often thought about becoming a Horse-Riding Instructor. If we all do our part together, then this too shallpass. Horse Riding Instructor - Certificate 4 - Online Horse College Your apprenticeship will take place under the supervision and guidance of a certified instructor at a licensed stable. The instructor may also drive a horse van to transport horses to and from the show grounds. Praise as well as critique will be given in a respectful manner by a good riding instructor. Many of our Continual Professional Development events are suitable for supporting your training towards Stage 4 qualifications. A riding instructor is a person whose job it is to teach methods of horse riding (and also horse care) to beginners and improve the intermediate and advanced rider's style and technique. The price was excellent and the fact that I could take longer or less time to complete the course was great, and that it is all online is wonderful! Individuals may hold the BHS Stage 3 Coach qualification and wish to progress their coaching to a higher level with a focus on coaching riders in eventing covering dressage, show jumping and cross country. Highlight a riders achievements and mistakes and set up assessment methods to evaluate the riders work. AA Driving Academy is constantly monitoring matters around the clock as we are focused on the health and safety of our employees, families and customers. You should be a career-minded, self-motivated, responsible individual to work in a family-oriented environment with flexible scheduling and unlimited potential for growth. A riding instructor should demonstrate professional responsibility by assisting, guiding, and mentoring students in future equestrian career paths. A riding instructor develops training programs for individual horse riders or groups of horse riders. Observing or assisting the mentor riding instructor in a lesson, reviewing or planning a lesson with the mentor, teaching a student to tack up a horse, unmounted exercises, cooling down a horse, grooming a horse are all important tasks; however, none of that time spent counts toward the 60 hours of teaching time to be certified. I am available to teach individual groups, pony club rallies and all riders from beginners to advanced. Experienced instructors can earn up to 25 000 per year. To keep their instructor certification, a current riding instructor must complete at least 25 hours of continuing education credit every three years. British Riding Clubs (BRC) provides support and encouragement to riders of all levels. Course Fee and you will receive a 25% discount on the Course Fee. We work with and support many equestrian-related businesses. Part-time work may be available. Provisional Instructor status is available to anyone who doesnt have the three-year required teaching experience. Equine Studies Institute is a private administrative entity which grants and records certification as well as approving continuing education submissions. The certification fees are $1000. Just take one course. From our Accredited Professional Coaches to our Approved Centres, find out how you can work with the BHS. . AHRC Level 2 Horse-riding Coach Certificate awarded for each course completed and passed. By establishing boundaries when your horse is young, you can build an understanding for the future. Take any course at any time, just for your personal enrichment. RUTH MCGARRY. A person wishing to become a riding instructor through an apprenticeship should seek out and arrange for an apprenticeship with a currently licensed instructor. Being a certified riding instructor and having gone through all the extensive safety training exams, you are capable of teaching proper riding safety protocols to horse riders. "A great opportunity to talk to professionals and gather career advice to start your dream job working with animals". ZERO tolerance onthis! ABRS training route and practical exams include: You do not need to be a member of the ABRS to take their exams. Employers will usually expect you to have qualifications from the British Horse Society (BHS) or Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS). The videos and power points are brilliant and the idea of a quiz helps to take the pressure off too. I have 25 years of experience with horses and provide a first class service to my clients. A horse-riding instructor needs good knowledge and understanding of horses. Safe Driving Academy is dedicated to producing safe and knowledgeable drivers. The Master certification requires an oral evaluation that must be passed. Again, please pre-registeronline. A great riding instructor will make teaching fun; after all, riding is meant to be fun. If you are new, feel free to sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with all the exciting developments here at Equestrian Space. BHS Credited Professional Coach / Instructor - BHSAI UKCC British Dressage Advanced level rider/trainer. Box 366 Alton, NH 03809 Phone: 603-605-5275 Email: aria@riding-instructor.com Web site: www.riding-instructor.com Nationally Recognized Certification BHS - British Horse Society Stoneleigh Deer Park Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 2XZ England 011-44-1926-707700 Find BHS Qualified instructors in your area on The Equestrian Index. Level 4 instructors can teach instructors clinics, open clinics as well as instructor update clinics. Click here to find out more. The U.S Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) offers an instructor program for Hunter seat riding discipline. ", "Very useful information. Requested URL: www.udemy.com/course/learn-english-horse-riding-for-beginners/, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 15_5 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) GSA/218.0.456502374 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1. Choose one course for personal enrichment, or earn a Professional Certification and make your passion your profession. AHRC & EA Equestrian Examiner You may also help to teach assistant riding instructors. You'll be empowered by the progress you can make in a single session. The insurance policy costs are around $300 per year. Performance Coach BHSI Equine Massage $275.00. What are the BHS stages? Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding. Communication and the ability to motivate and encourage your students are essential for any riding instructor. Priority will be given to finishing past students, who's lessons were halted in March. Other events are listed below. The certification process at PATH International includes submission of a 25-hour teaching video, completing a CPR and first aid course, attending a weeklong onsite workshop and certification class. Certificate awarded for every online horse course completed and passed; display yours knowing your commitment to learning means happier, healthier, better trained horses, better riders. 2023 AA Driving Academy, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. As an ARIA certified Riding Instructor, you are nationally recognized as a certified horse-riding instructor, and you are added to the ARIA Riding instructors directory and website. Meet your instructor for your lesson at the designated time and place, and learn how to ride! BHSQ Level 1 Certificate in BHS Horse Knowledge and Care, BHSQ Level 1 Certificate in BHS Riding Horses, 1073 hours (of which 545 are Guided Learning Hours). as customers demand. To download the qualification specificationclick here. There are a number of online job sites that advertise equine vacancies, these include: You can also look at undertaking an apprenticeship. It is essential for a therapeutic instructor to constantly evaluate the benefits and risks of both the horse and individual activities. The price you will pay is $100. When you are working as a freelance riding instructor, you need insurance coverage for your liability to your students as well as the horses in your care. You could become a head or senior instructor, a competition judge, or move into management. Below are a few more accredited Associations for Therapeutic Riding certification. Well done Glenys and the team at Online Horse College. Basic handling skills test (BHST) | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency ", "Materials have been relevant (to my career with horses) and interesting. We work with and support many equestrian-related businesses. Look at progression in this role and similar opportunities. Choose one course for personal enrichment, or earn a Professional Certification and make your passion your profession. We are monitoring registrations DAILY and closing classes out as soon as we reach our allowed capacity. There is a varied selection of riding activites available throughout the country. BHSQ Level 1 Certificate in BHS Riding Horses Qualification Level: 1 Total Qualification Time: 206 hours (of which 180 are Guided Learning Hours) Qualification purpose By successfully completing this qualification learners will be able to ride schooled horses in an enclosed environment in a balanced sympathetic manner. We run events across the country - from summer camps to dressage competitions, there's something for every level of equestrian. You could do a full time college course, which prepares you for the BHS exams, and gain an NC (SCQF Level 4-6), HNC (SCQF Level 7) or HND (SCQF Level 8). This form must be submitted to the Department within 30 days of starting the apprenticeship. Explore the different ways to get into this role. . But SIGN UP EARLY before classes fillup! Rates of pay vary according to age, qualifications and experience but, as a guide, the average salary of a full time riding instructor may range from 12,000-15,000 for a trainee riding instructor to 25,000 per annum for an experienced instructor. Inspect appropriateness of venues and riding equipment for events. This certification is for you! through private study and distance learning programmes if you are in a relevant job. Care for horses and live your dream! Our School Is Fully Licensed, Certified, Insured, and Bonded. You could take a course at college that will give you some of the skills and knowledge to get into this role. Complete Ipsos MORI survey to give us your feedback about the service. Every apprenticeship should be registered within 30 days at the Department of Agricultural Resources, Division of Animal Health Horseback Riding Instructors Licensing. The Master certification candidate should provide a resume, references, video footage, and case studies. If you love horses and love to teach, becoming a horse-riding instructor through one of the accredited riding instruction associations is just the career for you. A riding instructor gives practical demonstrations on horse riding activities. We have gloves, hand soap, sanitizers for students. They are subject to annual national Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background checks and DMV driving record audits. All of our instructors have many years of driving instruction experience, are given professional training, and are educated college graduates. You could apply for an apprenticeship through the Department of Agricultural Resources and do your apprenticeship at a licensed stable. This test ensures that you have the necessary skills to ride safely on the road once you obtain your learner licence. We are monitoring registrations DAILY and closing classes out as soon as we hit 10! So please be patient and understanding, as we cannot guarantee accommodating everyone immediately. The cover is provided for any claims against you for loss, injury, or death of a horse while in your care, custody, or under your control or any of your employees. If you are interested in being one of our Beta testers then please let us know! You would usually work outdoors, in all weather conditions, although larger riding schools may also have indoor facilities. #3) For Driving Lessons & Behind The Wheel, we are pending approval of the start date from the VA GOVERNOR & DMV. There are some amazing employment options available for this rewarding career. You could even become self-employed and start your own riding school. All candidates must be British Horse Society members. There so far isnt anything about this that I dont love., I made my final decision to enrol based on your help throughout the enquiry process, I felt as if you went above and beyond to assist me in enrolling in the right course which was suitable to my needs and giving RPL where recognised to help reduce fee costs, so to me it did not feel like a money hungry approach which I really appreciate., I wanted to have some sort of qualifications in the horse industry as I plan to work with horses in a future career, and thought Why not start now? . Horse-riding instructors also teach their students about horse behavior, stable management, horse health, care of competition horses, riding safety, and how to get the best behavior out of their horses. As a freelance riding instructor, I offer group or private lessons for all ages, from lead rein children and nervous adults to competition riders aiming for perfection. Please view our 8 hr DIP calendar for the most up to dateschedule: https://aadrivingacademy.net/virginia-driving-school-schedule.html, *For the next 30 days (April 16th), ALL classes that were scheduled at area hotels and community centers, we are changing locations to our Herndon or Tysons Corner offices. A riding instructor can teach and advise an assistant riding instructor. Owners can experience many problems with their horse. To meet this demand, we've added extra classes. As we continue to move into Phase 2 & 3 in the NOVA area, we are strictly following the guidelines provided to us by the VA Governors Office, VA DMV, VA Dept of Health & CDC. Discover the day to day tasks youll do in this role. I am a fully insured, BHS-accredited coach, freelance horse rider and trainer dedicated to helping you enhance your riding skills. We really appreciateyou! Today more than 2,000 active international students are assuring their future by earning an Equine Studies Institute Professional Certification. No more then 2 students in the vehicle at onetime! This definitely does not mean that your study experience will be less or that you wont graduate with your qualification. In order to comply with EO-53, we are STRICTLY adhering to absolutely NO MORE then 10 patrons for any class and increasing spacing for socialdistancing. We aim to protect and promote the interests of all horses and those who care about them. Should you require schooling for your horse, they can stay at our yard or I can visit you stables. How To Become A Certified Horse Riding Instructor? Becoming a Riding Instructor - Lingfield Equine DL Courses As a riding instructor, you will be required to work mostly outdoors during all kinds of weather conditions, including weekends and some evenings. I have 25 years of experience with horses and provide a first class service to my clients. The apprenticeship will last six months. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our career profiles, however we advise that you check with the relevant college/university/organisation that you are intending studying with in regards to current entry criteria. To our valued Customers, (Updated: 05/20/2020)Thank you for your trust and business, as we continue to navigate during these crazy times. Also students are required to wear face masks/coverings. The candidate also needs to have at least 400 hours of teaching experience and two years of service to the PATH International Association. Online Horse Courses - Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor, Stable Manager In addition they will demonstrate sound practical business knowledge and be conversant with the running and management of a commercial yard. When you enrol in your Horse Riding Instructor Certificate 4 course, I am sure you will enjoy your experience with us and trust that you continue to learn more about teaching and you can continue your full-time rewarding career following your passion! Since opening its doors in 1994, AA Driving Academy has had one goal: to "teach you safe, responsible, and accountable driving." A horse-riding instructors salary in the U.S. is around $15 per hour and up to $30 000 a year. Individuals that want to become a therapeutic horse-riding instructor need a strong foundation in horsemanship, good people skills, and knowledge of individuals with disabilities.
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